Duplicate project (New Location)

When duplicating projects (working with templates), if I want to change the location of the duplicated project, my cursor is not in the search bar, meaning I cant start typing to find the folder I wish to duplicate to. I need to click in the search bar to start searching. And considering that the duplicate project is really most useful when creating projects from templates, it would be a good feature if the platform would remember which location I saved to previously and offer that as a default if I click 'Select Folder'. It would allow users to duplicate projects  much easier and requiring less clicks and less movement from keyboard to mouse and back.

Its a small request, but the lack of is consuming time unnecessarily.

Hope you understand my pain :)

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Adnan, those tweaks do seem useful! I just want to make sure I got the part about the search bar right: you're referring to the Folder search inside the duplication menu, right?

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Anastasia, yes, I was referring to the folder search inside of duplication menu, the one that pops up if I press 'Select location'


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