Ordering Folders / Projects manually, instead of alphabetically


I have a structured way that I like to see my folders depending on the project--by date (for meetings coming up), priority (in order of importance), or alphabetized (for storage).

I find the automatic alphabetization of the folders and projects constraining, and think having the option of manual customization would be more flexible for the user.

As it is, I have to number my folders so they are in the order that I want, which is not attractive and a superfluous step in my view.




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Hi Anna, thanks for posting this great idea! I wanted to share an existing post with this request, it would be fantastic if you could add your vote there so similar suggestions could all be kept in one place: Custom Sort Order - Folders. I'm closing this post for comments so that other users could upvote the original too, but I'll be happy to continue the discussion there. :)


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