Tasks set to a due date "later" not today and without any due date


We are new to Wrike and we just had an unsolveable problem:

Our boss was trying to set a task, due "later" (not today, not now but without any due date). So we wanted the task to have it under "my tasks" and "later". So the task was due TODAY since in the backlog the time was set to zero and so the task was not due "later". The support told us to do this manually which worked pretty well, but then the task will not appear even if it is due later, at the today's work. 


It is not a huge problem, but we wanted to let you know. 

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Hi Julia, thank you for sharing your feedback here! Just wanted to clarify: are you referring to task organization in the "My Work" section? Something I can suggest which could help in the meantime is using the Dashboard to view different widgets, which can separately show you tasks due today, backlogged tasks, as well as any other Custom Widgets you want to create. This allows you to customize the view and separate tasks which are generally due "later" (backlogged) and those which are scheduled. :) Would this help?

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