File Downloading and playing video attachments (without Wrike for Marketers)

Downloading attached files is unnecessarily hidden.  You currently need to hover the mouse over the file at which point a checkbox appears.  Then, only when the checkbox is selected does the download button appear.  Make this clearer.  Turn on the checkbox and download button always.  If download is selected without any boxes checked, then notify that a box must be checked to identify the files to download.  

Second, I've attached a Wrike introduction video to a task and without Wrike for Marketers, my team is having trouble understanding how to get them to play.  The initial reaction is to click on the video, however this brings up a gray screen that doesn't clearly state that the file must be downloaded to play.  I'm getting  a lot of emails stating that the video doesn't work.  


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Brad, thank you for sharing and sorry for the delay! I checked in with our team and a thought we had was trying to upload attachments via YouTube (this also saves Wrike storage space). Other than that, I think this is interesting feedback, thank you for taking the time to post it here!

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