Column in export with all the folders of a task in Table/List ("FolderA,FolderB,FolderC")

When you create a task by email you tag all folders you want the task in:
[A,B,C,D,E] Jackson 5 Task

When you export from timelog, you get all folders of that task:
User | Task Name    | Folders     | Time
John | Jackson 5 Task | A,B,C,D,E | 01:00

But when you export tasks from table or list (even in Root) you only get one folder per task:
Folder | Task Name
A         | Jackson 5 Task
A         | Other Task only in A folder
B         | Other Task only in B folder
C         | Other Task only in C folder

And if you go to a different folder (ie:B folder) and export, it will show only one the folder per task:
Folder | Task Name
B         | Jackson 5 Task
B         | Other Task only in B folder

So there is no way to export ALL the folders in which each task is tagged with, except:
You see it in the web interface (which shows it very nicely with colours).
You insert a time entry for each task and then export from timelog.
You export tasks from every folder (A,B,C,D,E) and then compile all tasks yourself until you have all the relations between a task and its folders (I use hundred of folders, so it is unfeasible).

The feature request would be very simple, just add the column folders to table or list export - you already have such column in the timelog, and you already show this in the web interface, just make it available in export to allow this:

Folder | Task Name        | Folders
A         | Jackson 5 Task | A,B,C,D,E

This is a very useful export to those who use folder as tags in Wrike.

PS: And I know export/import work together, and there are users who import tasks with the export template, and although I don't personally import task Wrike through XLS, it does not make sense to me that you can define more than one folder by email, but you are limited to import a task with only one folder by XLS.

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Francisco, hi there! Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the structure here - you've really made this request clear and concise, that's just great :) This does make sense. Something I'd love to learn a bit more about though is the use case - how do you usually use Folders and tags, and how does that impact the need to see all tags at once?

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I use tags to identify everything, from the client, to who should do it (a developer, a designer, before it is assigned to), to what exact project it is (with multiple tags).

Since your email API allow us to create tags, every request to Wrike is created in our internal webapp through the protocol mailto:.
So if i want to make a request, I have a webform that makes mandatory to select the client for some type of tickets (client related). If I want to search for all ticket related with that client, I know that all of them will have the clients/ACME tag.

So if want to make stats of per example how much % of tickets were divided by client, I cant export with that information, because tickets are not solely in clients/*/ folders/tags but also in design, developer, account, etc.

I also use folders to provide classification, managers can rank developers and developers can rank managers (each 5 folders is only visible to the ranking side). So you could give me "5 feature request stars" for this ticket, and i could give "5 stars feature development" as well to this ticket (after the feature is implemented ;). 



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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Francisco, thank you so much for those extra details. That definitely makes sense. We'll make sure to send other users here if they have similar requests. 

Do you do many calculations with data once it's in Excel? We have Reports and they're a Business feature, but they do let you run reports on the tasks in various Folders. Reports show you tasks which meet certain criteria (like what Folder a task is in) and if you're not doing many calculations, I'm wondering if that may actually be easier. Let me know if that sounds like it may work and I can ask your Account Manager to reach out and he can get you set up with a trial. 

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