Better Notifications on Wrike website

At the moment Wrike requires a user to actively visit Stream or Inbox tabs to see whether there are new updates. Push notification ala smartphones would be a better approach: 

  • Have a (configurable) non-disturbing notification when ever a update arrives
  • Have "Red badges" on Stream / Inbox tab to show how many new updates there are based on your notification settings
  • Make the Stream settings "sticky" i.e. let the Wrike remember what settings you last used and count the badges according. 

There are detailed settings to configure email notifications, but I prefer website notifications instead of email spam. I have disabled almost all Wrike emails. Email is just so ... '90s. 

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Jarno, this is an interesting direction of thought! I also try to keep all notifications in one place, and something that really helps are desktop notifications and Inbox. As for the red badge counter, it's now available with the beta version of the Wrike desktop app. To enable it, visit the Wrike Labs page. Happy to hear your feedback about this too! :)

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I think Desktop Notifications and the "red badges" do bit different things. Desktop Notifications are bit obtrusive, but not sticky. The Red Badges are sticky and less obtrusive. I am using the Wrike for Windows now in addition to the website. 


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