Email: Validate approved email in "Resent-From:" field.

Please add support to mail task system to support redirecting mail with headers:

Resent-To: ...

This would enable invaluable fine-grained control and automation of emails redirected/resent.  The manual labor of doing it is error-prone (and no bounce to catch error).  So it's a key area to automate.

Currently, the system looks at the original sender for an approved address, even when the email is resent by a recipient.  ASAP, please add support for the approved email in the "Resent-From:" header so that redirected email will land (and not disappear for "no" reason).

Thank you!

PS:  I have also sent this request via Valentine!  Should be quick change.  TY

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Joe, thanks for taking the time to summarize this here! Quite an exchange you had with Val :) I appreciate the post!

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