TIMELOG VIEW : Persistence of filters and shortcuts !


We have a very active use of the timelog feature which requires for our 20 users to fill the time spent on their tasks at least every week (They have to fill 40 hours a week - access every day for the majority)  and then check on the timelog view several times to check whether they have filled correctly their entries.

The problem is that each time they leave the timelog view they loose their filters ! This is very annoying for the users and a real brake for the use of the feature; In addition, the interface of this view is poor and requires at each use to open a filter right side window when you have shortcuts on other views (we generally want to check your logs on a week scale and not only for the present day).

As a resume, improving this view with simple features - conservation of filters & shortcuts - would ease drastically the use of the timelog feature. It's rarely a pleasure to declare the time spent on a task : so for us, simplifying the tool would make great benefits for both Wrike and users.

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Hi Florian, thanks for sharing your idea here! I wanted to mention that we have an existing feedback post with an ongoing discussion, which outlines the functionality you've requested here: Timelog Default to ME Only. I'm going to go ahead and close your post for comments, so that other users could upvote the original post and we could track the popularity of this request in one place. It would be great if you could add your vote and comment there too, I think you've outlined some really valuable points here. Thank you again for sharing these ideas!


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