Attachments during proofing/approval/review 'Comments'

We often find we need to add an attachment to a comment inside of a proof approval review.  It would be best if the review comments had an option to attach (paperclip) so both the reviewer and the person reading the review had the attachment connected to the specific comment referencing it.

Alternatively, if task attachments could get a permalink (maybe via right click) we could manually copy and paste that link into our comment (or in reply to our own comment) in the review.

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I wanted to bring this back up and see if adding the ability to attach reference files to a comment in a review is a possibility. That is something that we could use on a weekly if not daily basis.

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This would be a great feature for a future release! A feature to enable Proof Reviewers to add attachments to their feedback such as an image, logo or word doc that can add supportive context to their edit requests would make their lives much easier, rather than to have to follow up the feedback with a separate email to send them to the designers separately, or have to go through the extra step of uploading the logo file to another cloud based storage option like Dropbox & then posting a link in my comment.

Would be ideal if the attachment(s) could be displayed in a preview pane or via thumbnails within the posted comment while working in the proof review also.

We had this feature in our previous workflow solution & it came in very handy at times!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi everyone, I've got exciting news - proofing comments can be now exported. Please visit this Community post for more details 🙌

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